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The main attractions of the island are well-preserved barrack areas, sturdy Obuhov cannons and different aged stands and forts.
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There are guided tours organized in Örö which lets you explore the unique nature of Örö as well as war- and culture history. During the tour, you can also visit the 12-inch casemate! Read more →


Örö fortress island familiarizes you to the history of our coast defense. We introduce the history of the island briefly on our website.


Russia fortified Örö in 1915-1917, when Finland was an autonomous part of Russia. The fort was part of Peter the Great’s sea fortress, which was built to protect the capital, St. Petersburg, from an offshore attack. Since Finland’s independence, Örö served as a coastal fortress of the Finnish Defense Forces until the end of 2014. The Örö fortress island offers an interesting cross-section of the history of coastal defense from the time of the tsar to the present day.
Historical main attractions include the 12-inch barrack zone and a sturdy coastal battery, the 6-inch barrack zone and a coastal battery, as well as more modern defense stations across the island. Tsarist cobblestone roads as well as the marked hiking trails introduce you to different destinations.
In addition to these sights, Örö has numerous smaller anti-aircraft stations, crew dugouts and defense stations. The anti-aircraft defense stations of the northernmost point were built in the early 1980s. The totality consisted of three 23 mm anti-aircraft guns, which could also be used against sea targets as well as to prevent landing. Cannons, known as their nickname “Sergei”, were placed in concrete stations and if necessary, protected with sandbags and camouflage netting. The fortification consisted of concrete forecastles and accommodation facilities as well as observation and infantry stations, built between the cliffs.

12-inch barrack area

Three cannon batteries were built on the island of Örö, of which the 12-inch battery area with its buildings is the widest entirety. The battery had four sturdy, 12-inch Obuhov cannons. There has been an infirmary, a crew quarter, an office, a canteen, a draftee sauna and storage and service buildings in the barrack area. The crucial buildings in the area originate from Russian rule. The specialty of Örö and the worldwide gun-historic rarity are the 12-inch (305 mm) sturdy Obuhov cannons. The cannon’s missile weighs nearly 500 kilos, and has a range of nearly 45 kilometers. Originally, Örö had four heavy cannons. At the end of the 1930s, two cannons were moved near Vyborg to the Ristiniemi of Säkkijärvi. At the same time, the open gaps of two remaining cannons were concreted into solid form. Örö’s cannons participated in the Battle of Bengtskär on July 26, 1941, and lastly they were shot with in the early 1970s.

6-inch battery and barrack area

During the construction of the fortress in the 1910s, four six-inch Canet cannons (152/45 C) were placed in the southernmost point. The cannons were Russian-made and represented most common type of cannon at that time on our coast. The method of fortification during the First World War was to install guns in parallel. The crew was equipped with a shelter behind the battery, and the ammunition cabinets placed between the cannons, provided protection in combat situations. The residential and service buildings of the battery personnel were built to a greater extent, mainly due to weather conditions. Up to twenty buildings were built in the area. The biggest log buildings, massive cellars and the later-built mine storage near the shore have been well preserved. The defense of the Örös western shipping lane was carried out by building a cannon battery in the 1910s on the western coast, named as Batavia backwoods. The battery was equipped with three 120 mm Canet cannons and one 75 mm Zenit anti-aircraft gun. In addition of the battery, a road and twenty residential and service buildings were built in the area.



In summer months, guided tours are organized daily. The turnout on constant tours are limited, and you have to sign upfront in Örö Supply depot. The tours start in the 12-inch barrack area, in front of the Supply depot. All daily tours are in Finnish. If you want the tour in Swedish or English, you can reserve a private tour. Private tours are suitable also for bigger groups or persons, who have already had the time to get to know to Örö. The route of private tour is defined on occasion according to the wishes of the group and this is how the tour might be longer or shorter than the constant tour. Private tours can be organized also outside the summer season.

Tour rates

Long tour 1,5-2h
9,5€, children 4-12y 6,50€
(incl. visitation in 12-inch casemate).
Guided tour in 12-inch casemate
6,50€, children 4-12y 3,50€.


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