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Fortress island, hotel, restaurant and marina. Örö’s 200-hectare fortress island introduces to the history of our coastal defense. The main attractions of the island are the well-preserved barracks, the sturdy Obuhov guns, and the various ages of defense and fortificartions. More about the fortress →
Örö is also one of the most important concentrations of endangered species and habitats in Southern Finland. The island is located in the Archipelago National Park. ead more about nature →
Örö is located in the Archipelago Sea, open during the summer season and only accessible by water. Örö in Kompass magazine →


The island has a restaurant, café, shop, pub, and versatile accommodation. Approximately 70 places in the marina, but it is also possible to get on the island by waterbuses, as well as by taxi boats.
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In addition to the self-directed wildlife experiences, the island offers guided tours to discover the unique nature and the history and culture of war in Örö.
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Russia. The fort was part of Peter the Great’s sea fortress which was built to protect the capital city, St. Petersburg, from an offshore attack. Since Finland’s independence, Örö has served as a coastal fortress of the Finnish Defense Forces until the end of 2014. Örö fortress island offers an interesting cross-section of coastal defense from the time of the tsar to the present day. Historical main attractions include the 12-inch barrack zone and a sturdy coastal battery, the 6-inch barrack zone and a coastal battery, as well as more modern defense stations across the island. Tsarist cobblestone roads as well as the marked hiking trails introduce you to different destinations. Read more about the fortress island and its history →


Örö consists of two hundred hectares of natural forest, sandy and rocky beaches, handsome peninsulas as well as fine meadows and moors. In the west, there is more than 3 kilometers long sand and gravel beach with many rare plants growing in it. The greatest plant exceptionals are pasque flower Pulsatilla vulgaris and small pasque flower Pulsatilla pratensis, which grow in Finland only in Örö. Spring is the best time to observe grey seals. Örö is also a paradise for birds and butterflies. Read more about the nature of the island →

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